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Jenny Kern is a Canadian born Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter with a dreamy indie pop sound. Her magnetic vocal style and emotively piercing lyricism hasn’t failed to amass plenty of attention. “Puncuated by an electronic pulse inspired by her affinity for the works of Phoebe Bridgers and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Jenny will remind more than a few music fans of a sound that resembles something of a middle ground between Sade and Blindspot-era Bruce Springsteen.” – Rock and Roll Globe


Jenny performed around Montreal during University before moving to NYC in 2013 where she started as a Page at NBC. She then worked for acclaimed filmmakers Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig and went on to become a producer in the film and television industry. In 2018 Jenny decided to take a leap of faith and pursue full time her passion for music. Drawing on her own experiences, her songs unfold through a confessional-style delivery revealing the strength that can only come through vulnerability. "It’s almost cathartic, sharing emotion. Being open is not an easy feat for anyone. I want people to know that these songs come from an honest place. We all struggle to find comfort in ourselves while being open to the unexpected.”

In the fall of 2018, she recorded her debut EP and began performing at notable venues around New York City. Jenny’s debut EP is an intimate collection of songs from years of self-reflection on her personal experience with self-doubt, regret and the search for comfort in painful seasons. “Expressive in her seriousness of her lyrics, Jenny shows all the cards. Every ratchet of emotions, describes her struggles and valiant efforts to conquer. We are human, and Jenny understands. This experiment, called life, is hard. Jenny’s songs and storytelling makes things better.” - comeherefloyd


In January 2019 she released her debut single, which received wide acclaim and immediately found an international audience on streaming platforms. Shortly after she released her debut EP in April 2019, she was invited on her first international tour in Europe and was featured on MTV, ABC and the CW. In fall 2019 Jenny recorded two singles “Satellite” and “Now We Know” with producer Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers, Chelsea Cutler, Valley) which highlighted intimate songwriting along with a dreamy indie pop sound.

Jenny’s first single release of 2021, “Coming Back For Me”, was another collaboration with producer Andy Seltzer. Released in January of 2021, “Coming Back For Me” caught the attention of legendary radio voice and programmer Bruce Warren and has spun on XPN and NPR’s World Café. 2021 also saw Jenny’s music placed on several Spotify editorial playlists including Fresh Finds, Indie All Stars and New Music Friday which collectively have well over 1 million followers. 


In 2021 Jenny released “I Never Thought That You Were Listening”, a four song EP, that landed features on Spin Magazine and Relix. Not only did she have three songs charting on top 40 radio but she has also amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify. ​

"Delving into her exploration of what it truly means to be human, Kern’s catalog showcases her unwavering ability and her simply impeccable talent for bringing anecdotal fables to life". - Atwood Magazine


In September 2022 she released her latest EP "Your Heart Knows" receiving praise from Earmilk, Atwood Magazine and Ones to Watch and has seen her gain global attention in the industry. Opening impactfully with “I Need You” and “Feel It Again”, blissful vocality rises above soaring synthesisers and charismatic choruses to create the dreamy pop soundscapes Kern has been known to possess. Paired with vibrant lyricism, Kern’s resonating fables are brought to life. Her first single from the EP "Feel It Again", which is currently charting on top 40 radio, also features a music video directed by Allison Flom.

"The soundscapes she deploys offer luminosity amid bleaker topics, that sees comparisons to the likes of The 1975. However, it feels like only a matter of time until artists the world over are citing Kern as their own musical inspirations." - Wonderland Magazine

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