The Canadian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter hasn’t failed to amass plenty of attention with the magnetic vocal style and emotively piercing lyricism contained within Slow Burn. And it really isn’t hard to hear the appeal. Written within the melancholy of the candid and poignant lyricism is a generous serving of catharsis which will ensure that long after this track has faded out, the haunting introspective will stay with you. - A&R Factory 
'Now We Know' is a song to chill to, cry to and fall in love with. - It's All Indie 
'Now We Know' unpacks a sensitive moment with a disarming and honest humility, as Jenny Kern speaks the language of heartbreak with rare artistic poise. - Chillfiltr 
Through a bright expressive openness, Jenny gives us an emotional hook, full of the value that each of us places in the struggles and conquests in which we embark on a daily basis. - Nova Music 
Kern is calmly delivering no-excuses, sincere songwriting packaged in less is more, uncrowded yet effervescent production, which would sit nicely on your playlists between Maggie Rogers and The Japanese House. - When the Horn Blows 
'Now We Know' is a heartbreaking yet comforting love song that will tug the heart strings of any listener. - Unheard Gems 
It’s her most assured vocal performance to date, and the lush arrangement and beautifully bittersweet tone make this the kind of song that you end up listening to on repeat and losing all sense of time. - Belwood Music 
  Jenny’s vocals must be heard to be believed. - Music Injection 
'Satellite' demonstrates how to put a danceable, feel-good twist on melancholia and mistakes without losing its hefty emotional kick and raw edge. - When the Horn Blows 
 'Satellite' has all the elements of a modern gem. - Lefuturewave 
 A gorgeous ambient indie pop song, 'Satellite' is full to the brim with emotion. - Hot Lunch Music 
 The EP is full of texture, nuance, and genuine talent. It’s perfectly balanced with melancholy and whimsy... there’s something very interesting and exclusive about this work. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she’s something kind of wonderful. - Ear to the Ground 
 Jenny Kern is a beautiful songstress. Expressive in her seriousness of her lyrics, she shows all the cards to how she’d evolved through her song. We are human, and Jenny understands. This experiment, called life, is hard. Jenny’s songs and story telling makes things better. - comeherefloyd 
 'Slow Burn' is an ethereal and atmospheric track about love and loss that is the perfect introspective and reflective track for your quiet and rainy day or the end title sequence for a sad movie. - It's Not Records 
 Jenny Kern's debut EP is a flawless and heart-full masterpiece that makes us feel like home can be elsewhere, and that love can be found in a stranger’s voice. - Where the Music Meets 
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